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Poppin’ Party Popsicle “Cocktails”

Poppin’ Party Popsicle “Cocktails”

Ah the Popsicle. There’s nothing quite like this icy, fruity, sweet treat from childhood … as nostalgic as the cupcake and synonymous with long, warm summer days. Growing up in Lake Tahoe, my dad, “The Big DJ” would set up a Slip n’ Slide on our front lawn. The neighborhood crew of five kids would come over to slip-slip and slide-slide for hours. In between launching our bathing suit covered bodies down the long yellow road of wet plastic, we’d take breaks to sit on the huge granite rocks in the yard and cool-off with a Popsicle. Big Stick Cherry Pineapple pops were my absolute favorite! I also loved Push-Ups and grape Popsicles. For some reason, I really enjoyed that artificial grape flavor and still do today, despite the fact that fake grape tastes nothing like real grape.

So where did the super cool Popsicle come from? As the classic Popsicle® brand tells the story … “in 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a mixture of powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick in a cup on his porch. It was a cold night, and Epperson awoke the next morning to find a frozen pop. He called it the Epsicle. It was a hit with his friends at school, and later with his own kids. They constantly called for ‘Pop’s ‘sicle.’ So in 1923, Epperson changed the name and applied for a patent. A couple of years later, Epperson sold the rights to the brand name Popsicle® to the Joe Lowe Company in New York.” Cha-ching!

Now, as a twenty-something girl, I still enjoy a few classic Popsicles in the summer, but with artisinal, unrefined foods becoming more popular every day, I’ve been inspired to make my own popsicles and check out the many “PoPsiLiciouS” recipes online.

Here are a few of my favorite Cocktails Popsicle recipes for the 21+ Popsicle lover in you! They are the perfect dessert for your next summer soiree.

Cherry Apply Whiskey Sour ~ By Naomi of Bakers Royale

Mojito Popsicles ~ By Nishta of Blue Jean Gourmet

Honeydew Cucumber Margarita Popsicle ~By Naomi of Bakers Royale

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